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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > EnRoute > Convert NCD or ROU file to DXF?
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    Convert NCD or ROU file to DXF?

    Good afternoon,

    We have enroute and have been using it for almost a year - so far so good.
    Now the boss wants to produce top quality drawings (with the dims and such) for our files, and also for our clients. He wants these quality drawings done in autocad, a prhram I'm not experienced with at all.

    So our engineer is going over my enroute files and taking down all the dimentsions by pencil, so that he can reproduce them in autocad. This is sort of a time consuming process.

    Is there some way we can take our enroute files, wither the .rou or .ncd formats, and convert them to something autocad can read? A bit of free software would be ideal, but if we have to spend a little money then that's managable too.

    Thanks for taking a look.


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    Oh, this was so much simpler than we thought.
    "Export" as...DXF!

    In my defence, my training consisted of one morning.

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    File Conversion

    Hello, Found this page from a google search. Can someone here convert .rou EnRoute files to for me? Please email dcrane at indigoridge dot com

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