Golden Laser is one of the three listed laser equipment companies in China, specializes in medium and small power laser machines, recently have launched new "Mars Series" laser machines.

Goldenlaser initiates batch production assembles lines in laser industry for MARS; it greatly reduces the production cycle and improves the efficiency. The annual output is supposed to make a breakthrough up to 15000 sets.

Mars-white model at 2011 CISMA

Mars-Red model at 2011 CISMA

Advantages of Mars Series
Reasonable design, easy to use and maintain
We focus on high taste and level, try to make clients homely, elegantly, and respect, reflecting humane concepts.

Golden Laser pay attention to details and keep on improving the quality.

Honeycomb & Strip bar table both include as defult processing bad, lowing costs but highly optimized for general use.

Simply & Stronger Design
Gantry and transmission parts (slide) combined in one (on both axis X and Y ), also the slide bearing covered with oil brush, clean rail and wear prevention, extend the service life time.

Application: All kinds of flexible and non-metal materials.
Working area and laser power can be customized according to requirement.

Golden Laser Looking for Overseas Partnership for Mars Series.
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