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    Apr 2011

    Unhappy Not able to laser cut to exact dimesion as per design

    Hi We recently bought JQ laser 1290 and have successfully installed the machine. We have been using the machine for last 15 days and quite happy with the performance.

    But off late facing a problem.

    We had to cut a hard board of 4 mm thick sheets. I made a corel draw design and the job is pretty simple - i.e a circle of 100mm dia and circle of 50mm dia. I did fed the job and gave a cut. Cutting happened quite easily. However i found that the circle is not eactly a circle. it had a slight ovality.

    So i designed 5 circles of 25, 30, 35, 40, 50mm dia with same center for all circles. after i cut, i found that all the five circles have not cut symmetrically. i mean there is ovality.

    I tried setting the laser beam and tried tightening the belt. But still the issue is not solved. Can somebody pls help me to solve this problem.

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    While no expert on the matter, within the cut software currently utilizing is a parameter for cutting and engraving holes, it would seem the software adjusts (slows down) and in doing so achieves more fidelity as it cuts the hole…
    While I would like to say I know this function works well, I have issues I need to sort out (LOL).
    A work around may be to draw an ellipse with the correction in deviation. :idea:
    A better solution would be software that automatically corrects for the situation. :idea:


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    You need to adjust the steps per pulse in one direction , draw a large square , lets say 20 x 20 , laser engrave it , measure it. If the one side is lets say 20.5mm , then divide 20 by 20.5 and use that no to apply to the current steps per pulse , IE if it 0.95 and the steps per pulse were 500 , then multiply 500 x 0.95.
    Your software might have a section where it does this for you if you input measurements , a sort of correction.

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    can you post some picture of the laser cut circles...
    http://free3dscans.blogspot.com/ http://my-woodcarving.blogspot.com/

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    How to adjust Parameter to Make sure cut exactcircle

    Hi naveen_sa,

    1. Please try to open lasercut 5.3 softare
    2. You'll find " advanced setting"
    3. You'll find "Turn acceleration"
    4. You could reduce "Turn acceleration"
    5. 80-120 will be ok. Please test.

    Hope all will help you. Any questions, pls feel free to email us. Glad to tell you what I know.


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    hi thanks. i did this and fairly got corrected. but the issue i have is the two corners are not same. for eg: i cut 50x50mm square piece and observed that the first corner is measuring 69.6 & the other corner is measuring 70.2mm. how to correct this difference?

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    Where you buy the machine?JQ? After-sales issues should be directed to suppliers, if they do not solve your problem in time, that such suppliers are not worthy of belief.
    Have you ever heard of MORN?
    Nice to meet you, hope we have opportunities for cooperation .
    http://www.morntech.com/: Laser engraving machine , CNC router

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    I built a CNC router along with my Laser cutter. Oval circles come from your X and Y axis not being square.

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    Apr 2011
    Finally after all juggling, I was able to correct the issue. I found that the bearing screws were loose and had to be tightened. That is both Right side & left side bearing. Also when i pulled the beam to the extreme end of the machine i found there was cross. So i had to adjust this by gently pulling the side of the beam. With these corrections, Now iam almost getting the same dimensions as per the design. regarding the corners, there is still difference of 0.4-0.5mm. When i spoke to few of my friends in this industry, all of them say that this much of difference will be present in chinese machines as they are using stepper motor with belt drive system.

    Anyway i am now happy with the way cutting is happening and also the size accuracy. Thanks to all of you for replying to my problems

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