I have a auto-cut 100 that I am having some trouble with, and as thermal dynamics dont seem to have any backup service in australia, i am wondering if any one here can help me find out what is exactly wrong with either my machine or torch, before the warranty runs out and i am completely stuffed.

Or if there are any users of this machine that might have some experiance that they could share with me about any little things ot tricks that you have to use to keep the machine happy.

I am using the unit with the WMS, as i only cut ali and stainless with it.
I have a nitrogen generator for the gas.

The problem i seem to be having is with the HF start.

Now i do use ultra-cut parts on my machine, and before everyone starts saying that that is the problem, it does the same thing with the standard auto-cut parts in.

the problem is, for example, with the 100 amp STD parts in, the book calls for the plasma gas pressure to be set to 100psi.

With this pressure set it will do a quick burst then show an error code of 1-3
which is "pilot shut of with-out shut off signal"

Now if i reduce the pressure to 80psi, it will sit there for the 15 seconds with the pilot lit, no problems.

Now as i have modified the GCM to allow for a pre gas and plasma gas
I can have a start gas of 80 them when the arc is ok it switches to the 100 psi.

But I am sure that something is not quite right.

I have put an "O" ring kit on it, and new cooling tube. The next thing is a new cartridge, but before i spend $600 I would like to be a little more sure.

If anyone has any knowlegde of this machine it would be grately appreciated.
as my hair is starting to get a little thin.