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    Adding alphabets with programm number

    I am from singapore,
    can anybody help me to the below request:
    i need to add some alpha numerical letters with my fanuc oi-tc turning programms
    eg; if my program number is O1111 after i need to add my part number like 2U123456,
    how it is possible?
    please help me.

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    I think if you add parentheses it will work:
    O1111 (2U123456)

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    Aug 2008
    i tried this but an alarm is coming.
    programming error.

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    The parentheses is the correct format:

    O1111 (A02B-0844-S022) ;
    M30 ;

    Are you sure you are using "(" and ")" and not the square brackets "[" and "]". The parens are not available on some 0i-C MDI panels and would have to be entered on a PC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rajanvadakkepat View Post
    i tried this but an alarm is coming.
    programming error.
    What is the alarm number?

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    EOB missing in O1111 (A02B-0844-S022) ; ?
    Possibly, the programming error is somewhere else.

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