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    Generating .CAM or .MX2 files with EZ CAM?

    Hi I just got a new ProtoTrac EMX controll (and the last one I will ever buy, worst experience EVER!!!) I am trying to figure out how to write a program in EZ CAM and output to .CAM or .MX2 files, the ProtoTrac will only accept these file extensions unless I want to stand there for hours and input all my numbers manually. THANKS

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    Prototrak file extensions

    After you post a program you can rename the text file to a .cam or any other extension your machine requires--this is standard windows stuff.


    When you post in EZ-CAM you can change the directory where EZ-CAM posts the G-Code File. When you change the directory you can select "post processed programs" in the drop down menu for save as type. Name your file and place a .cam extension (or again any extension a machine may require). When you are done click the "Save Options" button. Now every time you post the extension it is saved to the last one you used.



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    I changed the extension of an MX2 to text so I could read it. Figured I could manually enter the code of a real simple program without a lot of lines but its confusing. Will have to try it with your EZ CAM suggestion, thank you.

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    I apologize for late-coming to this thread, but there's a chance others may still visit.

    My own (light) experience with ProtoTRAK led me to conclude:
    .CAM files contain ("standard") G-Code. I don't think they can be created from the keypad/console, but
    the user manual listed all the G-codes the controller would recognize. [Prob. nec. to instruct EZ-CAM, via a post-processor config file,
    how to generate G-codes in the right format for PT.]
    .MX2 files contain sequences of "events"/operations programmed from the console. [EZ-CAM won't be generating these.]

    The CNC-controller-in-the-box is smart enough to understand .CAM and .MX2 files.

    I have written simple .CAM files with a standard text editor and loaded them into a ProtoTRAK (EMX) from a USB thumb drive, and "LOOK" showed them to be just what I expected.

    .MX2 files are just text files themselves, and you can "open" them with a regular text editor (e.g., Note/Wordpad): no need to rename to .TXT extension.

    I generated a variety of them from the console and studied them, and created a new one (of relatively simple geometry) with a text editor.

    One of the "service codes" allows for entering a simulation mode (turn off the servers), so one could experiment with a G-code program, using "LOOK" and "RUN" without the danger of crashing.

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    I also am looking for a post processor for EZ CAM that will generate the .cam or .mx2 files for the 2 axis EMX control. I asked the guys at ezcam and they did send me a post but it wont work. The post they sent me was new (for v20 or v21 I am guessing) and I am running EZCAM 14 and 18. When I try to run it in either I get a message saying that the post processor is not compatible with my version of ezcam. If anyone has the older post or can tell me where to find it that would be great.

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    We have the EZCAM v13.2 Mill and v21. Mill.

    Both versions have the post processor for ProtoTrak MX and they are the same.
    Look at the EZCAM [ MillInchPost ] folder, there is no Metric version for the ProtoTrak.
    The files are;
    PTRAKMX3.cnc and PTRKMX3I.cnc

    PTRKMX3I.CNC = Proto Trak MX3
    This post will generate 3 axis G-Code format programs. (according EZCAM)
    Your v14. and v18. contains the same files.

    According the machine-buider a Fanuc 6M post-processor with a little modification is sufficient.

    Programming Manuals - Downloads

    Download the next manual;
    XYZ Bed Mill ProtoTRAK SMX Programming manual p/n 25040 v042913 (5.4MB)
    Look at chapter 13.13 -- CAD/CAM and Post Processors

    With the EZCAM MBuild software you can create/modify a post for your own needs.

    Save the g-code and copy/paste it in your ProtoTrak editor.

    Can I ask you if the EZCAM v18. Mill (not PRO) still has the [Surface] option.
    Since we upgraded v13.2 Mill to v21. Mill we lost the [Surface] menu, only the v21. Mill PRO contains this option !!!!!?????



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    Surfacing capability that existed in EZ-MILL ended at the start of EZ-MILL PRO version 16. Importing solid models in EZ-MILL is available for machining 2 1/2D and 4th axis parts. Included in EZ-MILL is EZ-CAM’s High- Speed Machining ability, along with the new Tool Based Machining. Superior 3D roughing and finishing routines are the focus of EZ-MILL PRO. The three levels of mill products do make sense. They have distinct features, which you can learn more on EZ-CAM’s website. Comparing what the industry has to offer, EZ-CAM is very affordable.

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