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    single phase router speed control

    I have just taken delivery of a Chinese vfd inverter (1.5KW 240V) by Huanyang. Unfortunately there is no nameplate on it to indicate its type so I am somewhat at a disadvantage at doing something with it that is a bit unconventional. I want to try and run a domestic (single phase, single speed) type wood router from it on one of the output phases and thereby enable me to control its speed.
    Has anyone done this or is it simply a stupid idea??? :nono:

    [IMG]E:\My documents\email text[/IMG]

    The pic, scanned from the manual, shows a nameplate to the right. My inverter does not have one.

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    The VFD is designed for a 3ph induction motor, Router Universal motors operate on a different principle and will not work with a standard VFD.
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    The SuperPID is a speed controller designed for wood routers:

    www.SuperPID.com - Super-PID Closed-loop Router Speed Controller

    Official thread:

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