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    Apr 2003

    Any KeyCreator users out there?

    KeyCreator 10.5 was just released and was wondering if anyone else here has tried it besides me.

    With all the publicity that SpaceClaim has been getting it would be nice to see some ads anywhere for KeyCreator. SpaceClaim looks like it is nothing more than a KeyCreator clone to me.

    Anyway, this forum is almost dead. Just thought I’d get a KeyCreator subject back to the top. I don’t know what the last 8 year old thread had to do with Cadkey or KeyCreator. The moderator is asleep at the switch I guess.

    BTW it’s nice to see Cadkey/KeyCreator forum where it belongs, in the CAD Software section

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    Jan 2012

    We are de-evolving.

    Neither Mr. Kubo, nor the Beans, nor Pete and Livingston could deliver the CADKEY paradigm (ease of use 3D interface and database) to the market with a compelling message. Neither could I. That takes: trust, money, vision, cooperation, ability, and luck if you aren’t talented. The good news is that few other CAD companies deliver anything better for the price. This is not a criticism, it is just a challenge to do better.
    Having been in the foxhole during the hottest CAD development ever - aerospace during the Regan era, I’m discouraged the troops can’t pony up better progress toward the utopian CAD/CAM product.
    Had the Evil Empire held out a little longer to challenge our US defense establishment we would have developed defense projects that would have eventually proliferated into the retail market with:
    1. Photo recognition of geometry with automated translation into a fully surfaced data base. (I had inquiries from the CIA and US Navy while at FastSurf whether this was possible for: photo replication of look alike disguise (masks) of dignitaries, and photo analysis and repair while under route to port of nuclear battle station damage - and of course it is possible).
    2. Automated machining of same, with the only input from the designer, machine operator, and other humans of when to schedule breaks and weddings.
    The most remarkable and essential and simplest technology I ever witnessed as a software developer of a system yet to be developed was a photo at JPL in 1990 projecting a laser grid (2D graph paper) on a distant body (complex 3D object) while scanning the projected grid and body with photogrametry (remote sensing) and converting that 2D pixel image to 3D coordinates (thank you Frank L.).
    We are de-evolving.
    We can’t re-land on the moon anytime soon (imagine forfeiting knowledge of Calculus in favor of command over Numerical Analysis).
    And, commercial CAD/CAM wishes it had vision.
    So, No, there are no KeyCreator or other CAD users out there who can say the progress of any CAD system withstands comparison to what we are capable of.
    Robert White

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    Jun 2007
    I have been using Cadkey since Dos Version 7 and the transitions from version to version have been seamless and will not change to any other software, except for doing CNC engraving and CNC lathe programming.

    I have not loaded version 10.5 yet and still using version 10 with KeyMachinist, but for my small shop it is a very reliable, powerful Cad/Cam software for designing and 2D/3D machining in my mills. I do allot of engraving in my shop and wish Kubotek would add some engraving capabilities like BobCad's Bobart. :idea: I hate using BobCad, but it will do for now. Also it would be nice to have Lathe Cam capabilities in the KeyMachinist too.

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    I use KeyCreator whenever I need a solid fastener for Cadkey19. Save it as a version 6 sat file and there it is.
    Started with Cadkey V3 for DOS. Was using 7 for Dos when I had to upgrade for a job that needed more.
    Went straight from 7 DOS to 19, without a problem. Mainly I think, because I use the keyboard all the time and was able to set up the keyboard file to suit my brain. Much like the DOS keyboard file but with a few changes.
    Keycreator came out during the 12 months that followed so I got it automatically.
    No way could I handle the changed interface. Just could not find anything!
    Great program though, a large solid file from 19 that takes 40 seconds to render, takes about 2 in Keycreator.
    As I said I just could not handle the change, and as I was under pressure to produce results at the time, I never had the time to learn.
    I even got the seller to set up my own workspace to resemble my 19 setup.
    It looked very much to me as though Cadkey was being made to suit new buyers rather than existing users.
    Still very happy with 19, even though I am sure KeyCreator is better.
    What does the interface look like now, just like all the other CAD software?

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    Apr 2003
    We’re using version 11.3 today. I would look at YouTube for videos on what the program can do and some views of the interface. The one thing that make KeyCreator great is that it’s interface is completely customizable. You could set it up to look like V19 if you wanted, But I’d advise against it. There’s just too many advances that shouldn’t be ignored. I too have been using it since Cadkey 3 and stayed with it as it evolved. Is the program on par with Solidworks? I can’t answer because we don’t use it. But from what others say that have experience with both, they chose KC over SW any day simply because it’s just faster. It’s just a tool. And tools are only as good as the person using them. Experience is the key.

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