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    Considering Edge cam

    I had EDGE CAM come out and do a demo. I am impressed with the software. I am not sure it warrants the price I was quoted. I am also looking at edgecam solid CAD/CAM. Any input on these product would be greatly appreciated. I currently use shop talk and used to use BOB

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    Edge cam

    Save your money, Edge cam is a very expensive joke. The "automatic" toolpath generation they demo for you look great. Give them a complicated solid and see what it will really do....cuz it won't work. It is god awful software, support is an absolute nonexistent Joke! There maintenance fees are a lot higher than some of the others. Just my opinion, and you know what they say about those.
    A little background, I am a journeyman mold maker (plastic) with 15 years experience programming CNC lathes, mills, mill turns, advanced mill turns,(full 5 axis) horizontal machine centers, and 5 axis trunnion mills..
    So chances are I have done it...

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    I would consider Esprit software it works great for all our machines.

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    I have used EC extensivly for 2d and 3d applications. I love (LOVE) the software itself for these applications, but it is worthless when it comes to 4th axis milling. I even got a post processor from EC and I couldnt get it to work for anything more than indexing and unwrapped milling (3 1/2D) full 4 axis is just non existant. Not sure about the 5 axis stuff.. if its as bad as the 4x then I wouldnt use it.
    The support within itself isnt very good. In the help files under search I have literally typed in the command I was useing and it showed no results.(not just once)

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