Hey forum! Ive been trying to follow this tutorial and using cplanes to perform indexed 5 axis milling but can not figure out how to configure the post processor for Mach3 to output the necessary A and B axis moves on a taig mill with a table/ table style trunnion 5th axis.... I think its a setting in the post process generator , Multi axis motion tab, in the motion block block format:[LINEAR][NEXT_X][NEXT_Y][NEXT_Z][ROTATION_AXIS][ROTATION_DIR][ANGLE][FEEDRATE_CODE][ROTATION_FEEDVALUE] sample output G01X0.0Y0.0Z0.0A+0F0

but not really sure how to edit it to get the secondary axis in as well
i believe it should read G01X0.0Y0.0Z0.0A+0B+0F0. Thanks for any advice

Any other advice to help me configure my RhinoCAM to my MACH 3 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -Ethan

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