Hi everyone,
I'm starting this thread in an effort to make anyone concidering the HP-UHU, or any other UHU based drive for that matter, aware of that the servo processor module is now officially out of beta and available for purchase.

The module is an alternative to the original UHU chip offereing a couple of key benefits, the main one being the possibility to use much higher step frequencies (and therefor much higher encoder resolutions) compared to the original chip.

Detailed datasheet and manual are available at my website and more info including anwers to questions gathered during the extended beta test period can be found in this thread.

It has taken quite some time to get enough modules out there for me to feel confident enough to take them out of "beta stage". The truth though is that there has been no bugs at all reported during this period. In fact I've had some rather nice feedback on it.

If you have any question please feel free to post here or contact me directly at the adress shown on the website.