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Thread: Fadal 4020

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    Jul 2008

    Fadal 4020

    There is a red spindle on/off button our Fadal 4020 mill control. It is approximately a 2002 model. The button will turn the spindle off but not on. Have to input S5000 M03 to turn spindle on. Any suggestions?

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    Historically when you see two commands on a key on a keyboard you have to press the shift button to use the second command. Now you owe me a beer.
    We have had good luck with our Fadals milling mostly soft steel and aluminum up to 5 axis. We are always looking for spare parts If you have a broken down Fadal give a shout.

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    You bet! If you're ever in the Macon,Ga area I will be glad to. Thanks again!

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