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IndustryArena Forum > Business Practices > Safety Zone > Can feel electricity come through rocker switch.
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    Can feel electricity come through rocker switch.

    This can't be normal. Why would this be happening ? My Index finger is still aching hours later.

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    All kinds of reasons, get it checked or replace it, I know what a 240v zap feels like.
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    Hope your finger is getting better and no serious damage has happened to it I would advise you to get a check-up anyhow because you never can be to safe you can not joke with electricity as it is deadly or cause permanent damage beyond repair and that does not sound like fun also besides the medical check-up I would advise you to get all your electrician Taren Point checked up as that is one of the most dangerous things that might happen in a household if you value your time money and most important safety I will advise you the most efficient company that will solve your issues in a matter of seconds and will provide you the best quality of assistance
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