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    Re: EMCOTurn 340TC project

    Quote Originally Posted by Kanpowersports View Post
    Can anyone supply me with the H.....M..... List for the hydraulic options. And Setting Data (bits)? I'm unsuccessful at getting my tail stock and parts catcher working.
    Try PLC-MD 3001
    bit 0 to 1
    bit 4 to 1

    Good Luck!

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    Re: EMCOTurn 340TC project

    I would like the parameters that you received from EMCO but it doesn't look like you have enabled PM's. Please use my PM to contact me.
    I have the Contraves drive manual in german for both the spindle and the z-x motor drive if that would help anyone.
    I also have a very customized post processor for Bobcad 20 that does a very good job to output code for all the Emco canned cycles.
    Does anyone have the Foot peddle working to close the collet chuck?

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    Re: EMCOTurn 340TC project

    hey guys, does the emcoturn 340 come standard with live tooling ?

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