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View Poll Results: What is your favorite 3D CAD software

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  • Solidworks

    366 56.83%
  • Alibre Design

    46 7.14%
  • Inventor

    94 14.60%
  • Sketchup

    59 9.16%
  • Rhino 3D

    75 11.65%
  • Ashlar Vellum

    4 0.62%
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    Re: What is your Favorite 3D CAD Program

    i always prefer catia...

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    Re: What is your Favorite 3D CAD Program

    I think I may have already posted but nit sure. I list my preferences as follows:

    1 - CATIA - I worked as an airframe designer for a major defense contractor and CATIA rocks. Very powerful, but with a somewhat steep learning curve.
    2 - Unigraphics - Also used Unigraphics a bit as the contractor I worked for used both CATIA ans UG. UG is also very powerful. Likewise a somewhat steep learning curve. More familiar with, so prefer CATIA.
    3- SolidWorks - Much less steep learning curve. Can do most things you would ever need to do, but UG and CATIA are better if doing anything with complex surfaces.

    As an aside, I was a beta tester for Ashlar Vellum way back when they were first incorporating solid modelling. Back then (1997 or 98) the program was not stable enough. I eventually abandoned my beta testing and have not picked it back up since. Even then it had some cool features and I am sure it is much more mature, after all, it was in beta when I was using it.

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    Re: What is your Favorite 3D CAD Program

    Freecad (freecadweb.org) Its free open source and I get free help on their forum. What's on my if I win power ball jackpot list would be solidworks.

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    Re: What is your Favorite 3D CAD Program

    Inventor mostly because I work with it. As with all software there are some drawbacks. I would love to see how HSMexpress performs with Inventor. At the moment we take the Inventor part and bring it into Featurecam to generate G Code. Sometimes I draw a solid model directly in Featurecam when it's not too complex. They both work well.

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    Re: What is your Favorite 3D CAD Program

    Designing physical models either for manufacturing or visualization requires solid modeling. All operations in Tinkercad are guaranteed to generate proper solids.

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    Re: What is your Favorite 3D CAD Program

    Turbocad pro for the Mac ,..

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    Re: What is your Favorite 3D CAD Program


    I started with it about 10-15 years ago and it seems fairly easy to learn for a low cost program.

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    Re: What is your Favorite 3D CAD Program

    SolidWorks Is excellent too


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    May 2004

    Re: What is your Favorite 3D CAD Program

    Proe powerful software for design...
    Cimtaron E powerful software for 3D 3x and 5x. Excellent for extracting electrodes and programming mold plates. I do not like CAD Mold Design.

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