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    Re: Machining a dying trade???

    Quote Originally Posted by dazp1976 View Post
    otherwise the Chinese WILL decimate all and turn Western civilization into 3rd world.
    Western civilization handed it to them and continues to

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    Re: Machining a dying trade???

    ...just to name one article about this "issue" in general...heaps of them on google...it's not the younger generation getting worse...it's all of us getting old;-) Some are apparently suffering from this early on ;-)

    Regarding machining specifically... well.... thats capitalism... nothing but profit matters....and work moves to where the biggest profit can be made...

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    Re: Machining a dying trade???


    I think not. They need to get real, otherwise the Chinese WILL decimate all and turn Western civilization into 3rd world.
    I agree, and we let this happen, by 'we' I mean the generation of 40,50, 60,70 year olds. After all 'we' elected our governments, or perhaps rather 'we',
    'allowed' our governments to sell their citizens best interests down the river.

    We all read posts on this very forum where buyers of all nations by the cheapest Chinese gear...only to find it doesn't work properly. While I am by no means the
    worst at this, I have done it, and would guess most readers of this post will to a greater or lesser degree have done the same. The bottom line as consumers we tend to buy
    on price....and the local manufacturing industry gets gutted as a result.

    I note that a few respondents seem to blame the government for 'encouraging' this behavior, whereas I see it as human nature, we buy on price. If there is to be some genuine
    'buy local made', 'we', and I mean the general populace, have to sign on and support it. It doesn't appear that sanity is going to break out any time soon.

    It may well transpire that the Western World will become 3rd world we will ask ourselves how we bumbled into this. If, or rather when this happens, it will fall hardest
    on young people, whom for a variety of reasons have not developed the skills and work attitudes that we older workers have done. It easy for me to blame youngsters for their
    plight, but will my 'blaming' them help them put food on the table for their hungry children....my grandchildren? All notion of blame and finger pointing just falls to insignificance
    when children go hungry.


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    Re: Machining a dying trade???

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainVee View Post
    To become really, really good at something you need 10.000 hours or more of practice. Maybe 5000 to be above adequate.

    Most young people do not have that kind of time available, get distracted all the time.
    You could do that in less than 2 years, no problem. Just give an insentive like.... (nuts)

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    Re: Machining a dying trade???

    I often hear guys say China stole our jobs , but it's not the case . They took the work that was offered to them , all of it ! No different than anyone else would have if they were in the situation they were in . But , the governments should have cut them off at the knees for their unfair trade practices

    If you read back 15 or so years within these forums you will see the large number of shop owners who refused to do steel jobs on their machines . They only wanted the gravy work and didn't want steel jobs that were hard on the machines . The people who needed the jobs done had to go somewhere and China welcomed the work with open arms , eventually it took the gravy work with it .

    The companies who want to source cheap parts are most to blame but I also blame the gravy shops who refused the work to begin with . Few of those shops survived and I'm sure the ones that did now have wide open arms to the ugly work

    When this whole China thing began - we watched a lot of work leave the building and companies were cutting each others throats for low paying work . The boss at that point said we are no longer competing for work and we are going to take all the nasty stuff no one else wants to do , or can't do . From that point on we were working 24/7 and beyond capacity with bigger machines coming in on a regular basis , and the profit margins were ridiculous .
    There is a lot of work , companies just need to adapt

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