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    Home Anodizing. Low Current Anodizing. 720 Rule

    Some time ago, while browsing on the internet, I found out about the Low Current Anodizing method (LCA). This method has been popularized by Caswell (Plating Kits Electroplating Kits Aluminum Anodizing Kits Powder Coating Systems Metal Polishing And Buffing Supplies - Caswell Inc ) and there are a lot of DIY videos on the web about it.

    One of the most frequently asked questions about anodizing is how to calculate the time needed to anodize to a certain oxide layer depth. Browsing again I found out about the 720 rule.

    This is a small java program I made a couple of days ago directed to calculate the anodizing time given the part's surface area, current density (it is directed to users of constant current anodizing rectifiers), and desired oxide layer's depth in mils.

    The software was written for a group of users from Spain, so the main screen comes up in spanish but there is a checkbox selection for english speaking users. Surface area can be entered in in2 or cm2.

    Current densities are limited to the range used by the Low Current Anodizing (LCA) method (2 to 8 Amperes/ft2).

    In order to use it simply extract the compressed files into a folder anywhere on your computer and execute (double-click) the file "720RuleCalculator.jar". It will work on any operating system (Linux, MS Windows (all versions) and Mac OSx). No installation is required.


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    Thank you for sharing this. I have a small hard chrome tank and I am interested in anodizing and black oxide so this may be handy for me in the future.


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    Re: Home Anodizing. Low Current Anodizing. 720 Rule

    You should post this with sourcecode on github Master

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