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    Meldas 325LGV CNC Lathe MTC10B Mitsubishi

    Hello and thank you in advance.

    I just got this used MTC10B lathe w/ 325LGV control. I was able to get a screen and all green lights on the control. However I can see that the parameters need to be entered. Unfortunately I dont have them.

    The first issue I am coming across is that I am only seeing one axis available throughout the parameters.

    Does anyone have the parameters list for this machine and any idea why I only see one axis?

    I got a Z56 Fix-P alarm as well.


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    Parameter list is available on the meau.com website (instruction manual). If you don't have access to it, you can pm me your email I could send it to you.


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    z axis?

    Thanks, I have the manual so Ill go by that. What about the z axis? Why am I not seeing it.

    Im going to work on it now. Ill check the wiring to the servo and such, maybe Im just missing something here like navigating the screens but according to the manual several axis should be showing up on one screen and its not, only one axis is there.

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    Re: Meldas 325LGV CNC Lathe MTC10B Mitsubishi

    Hello guys, We have a Dyna 3300 with Meldas 50 and have the same error. I can only see the X axis is found, the display shows INITIAL PARAMETER ERROR. The Z axis servo was send to repairs and it was recently installed, but we got this error

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    Re: Meldas 325LGV CNC Lathe MTC10B Mitsubishi

    Hello I also have same machine and was wondering if someone has soft parameters for this machine the meau.com website seems to be down? thanks

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