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    Light Object stage and alternatives

    I have been thinking about buying a Light Object 900*1200 (36" X 48") stage Pro 900*1200 X-Y Stages for DIY CO2 Laser. They come with the motors and based on the reviews on their site and other things I have heard they are very good stages. I think that I can make my own stage for less money, but trying to decide if it is worth the effort if I can buy a very good stage that is ready to go and is made and aligned well.

    Can some of you familiar with their stages comment on them and the value for the money? Anyone that has built something similar sized that can comment on what you spent in parts and was it worth it?

    My ultimate goal is to have a laser in the 80-150W range that is fast and accurate. Seems that buying something of any quality ready to go in that size is a minimum of $6K for the cheapest. Looks like I can get the stage, DSP controller, 100W tube, and power supply for about $2,900 from Light Object and a few hundred more for lenses, mirrors, etc. and probably under $500 for everything else I would need. This will give me a big table high power laser for the cost of a good quality 40-50W ready to go laser. Am I missing something major here or does this estimate sound realistic? Aside from the software will this setup give me the cutting/engraving speed and accuracy of something much more expensive like a Versalaser?

    I will also maybe start out on this machine with a cheap 40W tube and power supply for $500 and upgrade to a larger tube when I need one and have a better idea if I really need more power and how much power I need.

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    I build laser machines for last 8 years.
    Small and quite big. Sometimes.
    I can tell you some about Lightobject`s products.
    What I see on the "stage" pictures is the copy of the cheapest Chinese solutions made with Chinese parts.
    It only looks good on the pictures.
    But it isn`t good at all.
    You shouldn`t ever buy a piece of **** that has main belt set straight on motors shaft.
    Another fault is X-axis belt. It should be hidden.
    This construction type is archaic.
    I think anyone can make such "stage" for 200-250usd.
    Just use your mind.
    As for the mainboard and soft (they call it DSP, nobody knows why?).
    Some time ago I did try to buy one system to check its ability but people from Lightobject were so arrogant that I retract.
    That is all for now.
    We have just Euro2012 Champinships and I`m a bit "tired" for now :-).
    CNC lasers, constructions, service

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    Hi Brian,

    I am actually in the stages (pun not intended) of buying those 900x1200 stages, however lightobject has recently got a new version in that is much better, and is only a little bit more. Give them and email and they should be able to tell you about the new ones.

    Build logs and other projects of mine: http://nqlasers.com/

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