Welcome to all!

I am a new member and this is my first post. This first post may be a little long so please bear with me. I will try to make all subsequent posts more succinct. After 40 years I have retired out of the cabinet industry closing down my manufacturing facility in 2008. I retained a 2001 Biesse Rover 22 CNC Machining Center. Actually even though it is a 2001 it has relatively low hours (long story which I won’t get into here). It’s really in nice shape albeit it has been sitting idle for about four years in a dry secure warehouse.

Here is my question. Just prior to our closing, one morning the machine just would not turn on at all. My maintenance supervisor told me about it and was really perplexed since it had been running perfectly up to that point with nothing happening the previous day to cause a problem. Once again, keep in mind that the machine was well maintained and had relatively few hours and had never experienced this problem before. Biesse technicians, via phone, couldn’t seem to get us up and running. The only thing they suggested that we (or them) check was the HSD RTU 500 controller board.

During this time we shut the plant down and basically the machine was put into mothballs. Four years has passed and I want to get the machine up and running for a small business I want to set up for my retirement years. I have sent the controller board out to a reputable machine services company and they ran all of the tests they could on the board, with it being out of the machine, and they said it checked out fine.

I fully realize that it will most likely take a technician to physically look at the machine, but I thought it would be worth a try to run this problem by the vast number of members of this forum. Perhaps this problem has happened to other members or there may just be something very simple that we missed first time around. Regardless of how basic or “common sense”, any and all suggestions will be appreciated as to what the problem may be.

Thanks for listening.