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    Invest - Gecko or Rutex or UHU


    i have bought a Maho MH 400P - see following

    I would like to have changes - from linear path control to CNC path control

    I still stand at the beginning:

    1) where I am to invest on a long-term basis - Gecko or Rutex or UHU

    2) which product has which advantage

    Thank you in advance

    Fidibus - I am an electronics beginner


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    I too am an electronics beginner - however, making projects like the UHU servo driver are great learning experiences.

    If I understand everything correctly, the UHU servo drive will handle more power than the Geckos, which for me was important. I believe the UHU servo drive is also on par with the Rutex drives for power.

    Cost is going to be within $50.00 between any of the three (I believe).

    For "plug and play", the Gecko, from what I hear, is the easiest to setup. I believe the Rutex might be a bit more difficult to setup up, but have heard it isn't too bad.

    I don't know how difficult setup for the UHU drive is as I have not gotten that far yet -hopefully in a week or so for bench testing of the servo.

    For me, I would probably pay the same for the UHU servo drive as either the Gecko or Rutex just for the learning experience. Sure, it's a lot more work, and at times frustrating trying to figure out "whats what", but so far I have learned a lot already - and it is tough to put a dollar value on that.


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    gecko does end up being cheaper but you need a scope to tune them. Do you have a scope or would you have to buy one?

    Rutex i think is about the same or easyer to tune seeing you can use there software.
    But you have to buy there main board but that again makes it easyer.

    gecko also have a low error trip. So they aren't great for high res encoders. One reason i went with rutex because it was cheaper for me to pay little more then buy new encoders.

    Can't really add anything to the uhu

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    and the new Geckodrive G101G-Rex - Would be a good solution (Future) - for the Maho MH 400P and Mach3 ? - advantage / disadvantage -Start of the project -Q1 / 2006


    6-axis motion controller

    * 6-axis step and direction outputs
    * 6 quadrature encoder inputs
    * 16 general purpose outputs
    * 22 general purpose inputs
    * 4 analog outpus
    * 4 analog inputs
    * USB and Ethernet

    Thank you in advance

    Fidibus - I am an electronics beginner

    Gecko installation picture (Web found)


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    Apr 2020

    Re: Invest - Gecko or Rutex or UHU

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