allo uuu,

ok, hmmm, what do you think: the air-fuel mixture is going to be rushing in just as the exhaust is being cleared, all ports are open, and the spark fires. i'm a bit concerned about that. i don't mind having 2 sets of magnet-controlled ignition relays: there are 2 gears, one on each side, so they can be mounted either side, that's not a problem.

eventually this will be converted to diesel so it then becomes moot, but i have to find glow plugs about the same size as the sparks, with a 14mm thread diameter, to do that. and mess about with the cylinder head (probably weld and then grind!) to increase the compression ratio. ahh what fun...


ah ha! i have a cunning plan! ha. that, also, would solve the problem of the (standard car) diesel glow plugs sticking into the cylinder and bashing the top of the piston head. a shorter, smaller R/C glow plug is of course designed for a much smaller cylinder.