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    Exclamation biesse rover 20 nc500

    i own a 2000, biesse rover 20 with the nc500 software.

    it stopped working yesterday as we were using it, the controls and pc seem to all be running ok, but in the program window we can read: pc<>cn cn error.

    i presume that it refers to the connection between the pc and the machine, but don't know for sure.

    can anyone help me about it???

    also, i've been looking for the nc500 user's manual and can't seem to find it on the internet, anyone has a pdf file to share?
    thank you

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    Good Day

    Were you able to fix the problem you had?

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    Re: biesse rover 20 nc500

    i have pdf of NC500 manual.
    but how do i share it with you?

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    Hello, I have a fantastic Rover 23 running NC500 and have a 'viewing'issue, wondering if you could help. The computer has decided to perform no more. I have loaded up on a new one running Windows 10, the machine operates without any issues. The only problem we have is the program viewing is small on the screen, creates hassles when trying to program. Where within the program is the 'viewing size'?

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