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    windows 7 and XP network key problems

    we have 8-9 computers in the building using the network keys most have been upgraded to windows 7 but a few are still XP.

    the windows 7 comps seem to have issues seeing the cls on their own station so they cant even look for the key.

    it shows the cls.exe as running in processes but the computer insists that it isnt running and wont open edgecam.

    the XP computers don't seem to have the problem, we are still using the netsentinel program to run key on our local network.

    i have been told to switch to the keyless setup thru plannit website but i'm afraid of being totally shut out if we have internet problems on our end.

    anyone have this problem with 2012?

    i cant figure out what is blocking client license server at each station from being recognized as actively running, i can reboot and it's hit or miss whether it will connect right each time.

    sometimes killing the process and restarting it in task manager will work other times it won't.
    nothing consistent seems to be happening or working.

    some guys have gone back down to 2011 and all seems to work like normal.

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    Network Licensing - Preferred dongle

    Hi Tim,

    when the CLS starts it sends out a broadcast "ping" on your network,
    the first response it gets from a dongle anywhere on the network
    it tries to connect to.

    Your network key is attached to a PC / Server somewhere
    The older network keys had a name
    set the CLS - Set License Server Name = <dongle name>
    set the CLS - Set License Server Name = <PC / server name> where attached
    the CLS will look there first.

    License Server Name = no_net
    tells it to look for a borrowed / commuter license on the PC
    and it looks no farther - stop.

    sometimes the CLS can get "hung up" and not visible
    - error message ".... already executing"
    go to Task Manager - processes - end process
    Start - All Programs - Start Up - restart CLS


    Check the Windows Registry on the Edgecam PC's
    HKCU - Software - Planit - CLS - Version - License
    Registry Key name - "Preferred Dongle"
    19 = a standalone key attached to the PC
    24 = the new keyless network license
    I think 23 was for the old network dongle or it might be 24 also.

    check for a "System Environment Variable"
    LSHOST = <server name> (where the Edgecam dongle is attached)
    if you set this - the CLS - Set License Server Name should be blank

    just in case - if you also have Griffo software
    running somewhere on your network it will interfere
    with the Edgecam network /dongle / license acquisition
    it uses the same LSHOST variable.
    the LSHOST variable setting takes priority.

    I have been using the new keyless network licensing
    since v12.5, I have approximately 200 users scattered
    around the globe all accessing the same network licenses,
    on a single server, it works perfectly. When their CLS hits
    the server, they get their configured licenses, if they lose
    their network connection Edgecam continues to work for 8 hours.

    Hope this helps,

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    thanks for the info. those were pretty much the steps we took till we gave up and switched over.

    all the issues seemed to go away so far and all seems good, that old tech must have been the problem. it was the dongle we got in 99 haha

    our reseller hooked me up and got everything going over a "gotomeeting" session.

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