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    Question G540 Motor Tuning Issue

    I recently rebuilt my CNC setup with new motors and a G540 controller with Mach3. I have downloaded the XML file and have it installed. Everything with the G540 works fine to this point. I can jog the motors at a nice speed and everything "sounds" fine.

    However, when I attempt to calibrate the motors I start getting a strange problem. I am using the built in step adjustment and have everything set to the "inches" setting. I tell Mach3 to move the table 1.0" and it moved about 0.640" on the dial indicator. I typed that amount in and it informs that my steps will be set to 32XXX.XXXXX steps and I click OK. When I try to run it again to test the setting, the table moves at a super fast speed, so I adjust the velocity down to an acceptable level, then try the test again. For some reason, using the same 1.0" table move, the table actually only moves about 0.050". I have not changed the setting the calculator has inserted, just the velocity.

    I am at a loss, hopefully someone can offer a suggestion or two.

    The motors are standard Nema 23 425oz 8 wire motors that are wired bipolar series and are direct drive. As mention, the controller is a Gecko G540 and I am running it under Mach3. I know the computer runs Mach fine as I was using it before I swapped out the motors and the controller.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    I don't know the answer, but it is interesting that the move is exactly 20 X off. I wonder if somehow a 10x micro step setting is somehow activted along with something to do with the 200 steps per revolution ?

    No idea, just throwing out ideas.

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    Have you set the correct value for steps per pulse?

    It's rumoured that everytime someone buys a TB6560 based board, an engineer cries!

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    I'm hoping you'll have fixed it by now, but.. For future reference.. :P I had a similar problem. Turned out the set screws on my couplers weren't tight enough!

    Anyway, always check for the simple stuff first!

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