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    Precision Matthews

    I am in the process of deciding on a new mill and lathe. I really like the features and prices on both the PM45 mill and the PM1236 lathe. I have read the horror stories and praises for PM/QMT. I have also read the same stories for virtually every supplier of Chinese machines. Should I stay away from PM/QMT and go with a different supplier or pull the trigger and order from them?


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    I wouldn't have any qualms about ordering from PM, they had a couple problems but for the most part
    have had very good reviews.
    The owner just recently posted this about some changes to improve quality.
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    Thanks, Hoss. I have the same thoughts on PM. All of the horror stories I have read have been from at least a year or more ago. I was wondering if anyone was still having the same issues with PM, or if they had been resolved. I read the update post from QMT yesterday. It sounds like they may have a more reliable supplier now. I think I will bite the bullet and place an order.


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    My PM45 has been fine, with the exception of the motor start-up caps being total crap and needing to be replaced when the machine was basically brand new. But that was an easy fix the I did myself and it's been doing great ever since.

    Most of the machine outside of the iron has now been replaced for CNC action.
    PM-45 CNC conversion built/run/sold.

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