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    Un-install & re-install changes Mach3

    Hi All,

    I'm messing with 2 versions of Mach3 - 3.42.020 & 3.042.029

    A plasma cutting plugin is installed once Mach has been installed. For certain reasons I've been un-installing Mach / plugin then re-installing to the other version of Mach.

    I noticed the THC (torch height control) button was not working. This is a toggle button with an LED to go with it. I checked on another computer which had recently had the very first install of Mach and the THC button worked fine. I un-installed Mach on this computer then re-installed and the THC button did not work any more. So I've managed to repeat this problem on two independant computers.

    It seems the un-install and re-install of Mach3 is corrupting something. I am now going to format the drive on my workshop computer and re-install XP. If this issue is repeatable then in my case an un-install of Mach3 means a re-install of XP just for Mach to install correctly.

    Another point of note is that when I re-installed Mach3 (no plugin install yet) I opened the plasma profile and the THC button would not work (just in case the plugin is being blamed).

    Anyone got any ideas ??



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    Sep 2005
    Self solved - had to re-enter my Mach3 license, no THC in demo version.

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