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    Like to help me with testing?


    does someone like to test the English version of my 2.5D CAM Software Estlcam 2.5D?
    I've recently added support for imperial units in Version 4 but I've not been able to test this modification in real life as in Germany basically everyone uses metric units.

    I'll give away free license keys to the first 5 users that contact me: christian@epp-versand.de
    I just need some feedback if everything is working as expected:
    • Is the translation OK or do I use uncommon or wrong descriptions?
    • Are decimal values displayed correctly with a "." instead of ","?
    • Are the presets (e.g. the tool list) OK and useful?
    • Any problems and suggestions you have.

    The program is a - hopefully - quite self-explanatory CAM program with a comprehensible list of features mainly designed for users with DIY machines.

    Link: Estlcam.com CAM Software

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    My CAM Software and CNC Controller: www.estlcam.com

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    It's a very interesting and useful looking application Christian. Amazingly small install! I've emailed you some details.

    It's rumoured that everytime someone buys a TB6560 based board, an engineer cries!

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    there are still 3 free licenses left.
    Thanks Ian for finding the remaining German words and wrong units - it helped me a lot.

    My CAM Software and CNC Controller: www.estlcam.com

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