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Thread: Canned Cycle

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    Canned Cycle

    Need to trim chuck jaws on Older Cadet with OSP5020L. On Haas machines I use G72 canned cycle. Anyone know the equivelant on this Okuma? Thanks.

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    Okuma has a bunch of LAP cycles. Do you not have a book?

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    I do have a programming manual but the canned cycles are for threading cycles and drilling cycles. Not one of these seems to match to a simple OD turn or facing can cycle. I am sure this older controller to do the face and turn cycles especially since it can perform threading cycles, but I must just simply be overlooking them. A sample program line for facing would be most helpful. This is a Haas facing cycle I use alot and wish to repeat on the Okuma; G72P1Q2D.035F.004
    Thanks again,

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    Wow. You are lost. Doesn't your machine have IGF programming? Part of what you were looking for is on the web page I referenced for you: "G85 Call of Rough Bar Turning Cycle (LAP)" and "G81 Start of Longitudinal Shape Designation (LAP)" and "G87 Call Finish Turning Cycle (LAP)". I bet if you searched deeper on the web you could come up with the syntax and parameters for these operations.

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    It's LAP (Lathe Auto Programming) for Okuma, not a "canned cycle"
    Take an sample from manual and it will work.

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    and now for a useful answer

    G85 is equivalent to Fanuc G71
    G87 is equivalent to Fanuc G70
    G81 marks the start of a longitudinal cutting contour
    G80 marks the end of the contour
    The contour is named N500

    here's a simple boring program for Okuma ......

    G00 X2.0 Z.1
    G85 N500 D0.100 F0.010 U0.010 W0.005
    N500 G81
    G00 X2.5
    G01 Z-2.0 F0.005
    G87 N500

    and for facing.....

    G82 marks the start of a transverse cutting contour
    G80 marks the end of the contour
    The contour is named N600

    here's a simple facing program for Okuma ......

    G00 X8.0 Z1.0
    G85 N500 D0.100 F0.010 U0.010 W0.005
    N600 G82
    G00 Z0
    G01 X0 F0.010
    G87 N600

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