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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > CNC Swiss Screw Machines > Citizen M20(Classic M20) turret A-axis programmin
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    Citizen M20(Classic M20) turret A-axis programmin

    I've always wondered why this machine has a programmable A-axis for the turret rotation. Has anyone ever used the A-axis for machining? For instance, could it be a substitude for a Y-axis application? I know it would be a little difficult to program since the A-axis programs in degrees, but I'm just looking to get someones feedback on any experience they have with the M20 A-axis.

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    The original intent for the A axis was for in-process gaging.
    This was picutred in the brochure, but I do not think it was employed too often, if ever, especially in US.
    This is the reason that the turrent will not index a full 360°.
    I think if you're on T2000 and call T2900, it goes "the long way".
    This was to prevent sensor cable twisting.
    As far as using it to program or cut, I've never heard of anyone doing it, but it may well be possible.
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