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    Has anybody implemented the Smoothstepper on a PCNC1100 with Tool Changer and 4th axis? If so how did you get the plugin to come up in Mach. I've been trying to keep the screens with custom macros for tool-changer that Tormach has set up, but it wont let me initialize the smoothstepper. I would hate to have to recreate all those screens, and troubleshoot all the bugs included with that process. Thank you very much.
    Jake Mestre

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    Which smoothstepper, Ethernet or USB.

    If Ethernet, you need to be running very current version of Mach.
    PM-45 CNC conversion built/run/sold.

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    I have a USB SS, but have been looking at the Ethernet as well. Any recommendations? Jid2 your build by the way is beautiful.

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    I have a USB SS I used for several years, and was one of the first testers of the Ethernet SS. The Ethernet SS is more stable, reliable. The difference is not huge on most PCs, but, given a choice, I'm sure even Greg Cary, the designer, would recommend the Ethernet.

    Ray L.

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    The addition of the Smooth Stepper is a little more tricky than I first thought. I copied the pins and setup that Tormach uses in the current version of Mach3. The problem I'm having is initializing the ATC Macros to get it talking. The machine is controlled through the SmoothStepper just fine, but I can't get the USB of the ATC to work. Any ideas?

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