Fanuc 18i-MA
New job on machine after many years problem free.
Cutting a seal groove in an aluminium part, 3.5 mm slot drill followed by a form tool.
Spindle speed 3333rpm, x6 speed up head, e.g tool speed 20,000rpm, feedrate 240mm/min.
Whilst cutting groove, 3 x 1.7mm deep cuts, with the finishing form tool doing 0.1mm, I now get 445 soft axis disconnection alarm, on X or Y at least once per part, and could occur on the slot drill or the form tool.
Question, as this machine is running on heidenhein scales, distance coded, does this alarm refer to the scale or the motor encoder.
Still get the alarm after changing the scale cables, but don't if program run with no part on fixture.
I am now beginning to wonder if it could be a result of vibrations being set off in the scales.
The scale alarm is not wired on these scales, so if anyone knows exactly what the system is seeing to cause the alarm, could be a good pointer for me.