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    Conquest almost working - no hydraulic pressure

    We got our 1990 Conquest 42 in place and powered.
    I am having a power up problem with the hydraulic motor.
    It doesn't come on when I turn the machine on.
    I get a "not ready" alarm that I can't reset and some other alarms related to no hyd pressure.

    Does anyone know if there is a RESET or breaker or fuse or something that could have tripped?

    It was working at the machine dealer a couple of days ago.

    Thanks for any hints,

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    Hello Robert, I don't know any specifics about your machine. So I can't tell you anything specific only things in general, but from the info that you have given there are several things that you may want to consider. You said that you are getting several faults. That suggest that you have some type of computer controling the machine. That means that you most likely have machine software that controls the hydraulics. You also said that it worked at the dealer several days ago. I would suggest several things. 1. Check that you have enough hydraulics fluid. ( since it was recently moved the HYD. fluid might have been drained) 2. I would check that your phasing for your 3 phase motor is correct ( Wires were disconnected and reconnected, is the phasing the same?). 3rd. I would call the company that bought you the machine from. Perhaps they could give you some more specific suggestions. 4. Who hooked up the machine for you? What were they responsible for? Talk to them. 5. Do you have an electrician who can check for power, circuit breakers, blown fuses, tripped overloads and tripped breakers? 6. Are you starting the machine correctly (in the right sequence). After that I would check if the other faults that you are getting are giving you some type of clues. Good Luck FanFan

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    Hi FanFan,
    Thank you for the response!
    I have been working on it all day.
    I have the hydraulic issue sorted out as well as all alarms and other functions.
    Today was figuring out how to move everything manually.
    This included Tailstock, Zero Return, Turret indexing, Parts catcher, Tool setter, Chip conveyor, and Spindle control.

    Making my way down the learning curve!

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