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    Hypertherm 600 consumables

    Hey All,
    I recentally got in possesion of a plasmacam table with a hypertherm 600 torch. Currentally it is running a drag shield and is less than optimal. Currentally it creates a curf that is too wide, and create a bit more dross that I'd like. The height is set properly and speeds are the settings that hypertherm recommends in the manual, i have modified them back and forth a bit as well. I believe that switching over the shield to a machine shield, as well as fine cut consumables would potentially help the curf issue, and potentially the dross as well. Im looking here:

    FineCut Parts & Kits

    specifically the 220326 and the 220330

    should i also change the swirl ring?
    How is consumable life, i assume less, but by what margin.

    Additional details:
    The table runs DHC, and I typically cut 16Ga 11Ga and 1/4", will I have problems with the 1/4" with the fine cut consumables?

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    in retrospect, it appears as though fine cut would work well for my sheet metal, however maybe not so much on the 1/4" material, is there a better combo of consumables that i can use for the 1/4" thicker material?

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