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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Bridgeport Machines > Bridgeport / Hardinge Mills > Bridgeport EZ Trak CMOS error, replaced RTC, still broken!
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    Re: Bridgeport EZ Trak CMOS error, replaced RTC, still broken!

    Quote Originally Posted by md63825 View Post
    Chipslc, I got my machine back online today. Followed some of the information found on your original post and had a local computer company replace the RTC. Unfortunately, they did a poor soldering job and I believe as a result, rendered the MB unusable. So, I ordered a new one from Advantech ($250) and it works great. Here's the link for it: PCA-6743F-Q0A1E-ISA Half-size Single Board Computer, DM&P Vortex86DX, LVDS, LAN, 8 COM, CF PC/104 The only issue I ran into was I tried to replace the HDD with a DOM. I had a few 32MB DOMs laying around and tried to use them. Turns out they were to small and I returned to using the 8GB HDD and everything loaded fine and the old girl came back to life. I'm gonna replace the old CRT screen with a new LCD and she'll be good as new. And she literally looks almost like new. Got it from aTech school that rarely used it. Good luck with yours.

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    Excellent thread md63825. I replaced the SBC on my 1998 Bridgeport VMC - the old one had not died, but it had some weird glitches. Excellent result, I left all the defaults as they were - and the machine came up very nicely (the storage "disk" was all on the piggyback board, so I didn't need to even reload anything). Awesome, thanks again md. David

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    Re: Bridgeport EZ Trak CMOS error, replaced RTC, still broken!

    Sorry to resurrect an 8 year old thread everyone. I hadn't logged into here in a long time and felt I owed it to the forum members to post my fix on the machine. I replaced the motherboard with a remanufactured one and everything worked great. I don't know if/why the RTC and motherboard failed at the same time, but a new motherboard fixed it. The old girl is still making chips to this day. I hope someone finds this info helpful if they ever replace an RTC and their machine doesn't boot back up. Thanks again to everyone who helped with testing suggestions.

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