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    Metric to Inch

    Hi there! Wanna move from europe to Canada perhaps to US and my wories are to get used to Inch programing. Im 10 years exp. CNC operator (toolmaker) never working with Inches. Can you guys give me some helpfull advice how to easylly learn my brain work with this? thx!

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    25.4mm = 1 inch

    For ballpark figures, an inch is about 25mm and 1mm is about .040"

    I've never understood the inch/metric standoff. Just convert and you are good to go. The machine is not really going to care, it's just numbers to it.


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    It's only the microns the brain has to deal with. It it not good for your imagination.
    Looks like you might now use 25.4mm and 9.52mm cutters. It is just a number.
    Just becoming accustomed to the standard sizes used. It is very dependent on the industry you are in, for what you will find/come up against.
    Just think in metric and write in inches.
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    It's not too bad if you're working in Decimal inches.

    I tend to think 0.004" = 0.1mm and 0.01mm = "half a thou", but I'm not working to finer tolerances.

    But you can get brain ache with drawings in fractions 23/64" etc.

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