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    Question Alibre to dxf?

    Anyone have a workflow to get faces from an Alibre design model to export to a dxf for plasma/waterjet cutting?

    I have tried with using a 2d drawing and saving that as dxf, but this will not allow me to get the faces that are on angles to project to flat 2d surfaces...

    I need to take the faces and have them able to import in to sheetcam so that I can cut them.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You can add auxiliary views in the 2d drawing to get what you need and then export as a DXF.

    You need to draw a line at the angle you want for your aux view, then select it to project the view.

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    Start here:

    Make a 2D sketch in part modeling

    Now give the part some thickness "Extrude Boss" say maybe .125 inches

    Now save as: The name you give it. say "Test Part One"

    Close out of "Part Modeling"

    Now create a new drawing

    File - New - Drawing

    A window should pop up that says "New Sheet Properties"

    Check - Blank Sheet - Custom 8.5 by 11 is OK - set default scale view at 1 to 1 - enter sheet name say " Test Part One Drawing" click OK

    Click on "Test Part One"

    A window should pop up "Standard Views Creation"

    View selections - click on "Front" and uncheck all other views

    Set scale at - 1:1 click OK

    Now click on the open work space and your drawing should appear

    Drop down menu click "Export"

    Give it a file name say "Test Part One DXF"

    Save as type - drop down menu on the right hand side "AutoCAD 2007 file dxf"

    Click "Save"

    Close all your Alibre files and open SheetCam

    Drop down menu "Import" find "Test Part One DXF"

    Wala!!!! There it is in your SheetCam work space.

    Hope this helps


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