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    Hitachi 254Y wire machine or anybody with wire knowledge!

    I can not believe our company is the only company in the world, I'm serious the world, that owns a Hitachi 254Y wire edm machine. anyway the problem I am having, I can get it to burn, but it only burns about an 1/8 inch then the wire breaks. I set the conditions to the book, but no luck. I don't know how else to explain the problem. Please help with any ideas I can try to do or check.

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    Sorry for my bad English.

    Is your machine's current pads (current contacts) clean and without deep slots in the wire contacting zone?

    Do you have clean and good contacts of table and generator cables?

    Is your flushing on upper and lower nozzles in good condition?

    Do you adjust the nozzles distance from workpiece correctly?

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    I'm sorry it took so long to get back with you. Gosh I wouldn't even know where to start with what you have suggested. I started this company, am a CNC machine programmer/operator with 29 years experience. So I started this company in hopes of running their wire machine too. I can set it up and program it, but thats it when it comes to contacts, flushing, and all that other happy horse **** I have no idea what your talking about. What I'm going to do is look in the book for maybe some answers to what you suggested. I also might have a lead on someone close by that owns one of these same machines. I'm going to try and contact him today to see if I can talk with him or the guy that use to run it. I know the company is out of buisness, maybe we can hire the operator if he doesn't havre a job. Yeah right there are so many jobs right now in detroit its hard to find someone good who isn't working. Anyway I will try and keep it touch and let you know what happens.

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    Unfortunately EDM usually isn't something you can just pick up as you go along. There are so many settings that affect the cut, speed and accuracy.

    anyway first thing to adjust is the Voltage or Voltage Gap or VG. We used to have a Hitachi 3Q many years ago. Try tweaking it up/bigger until the wire stops breaking then tweak it back down to get the best speed.


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