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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > General CNC Machine Related Electronics > Where do all these huge 80V DC or higher power supplies come from?
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    Where do all these huge 80V DC or higher power supplies come from?

    Im mounting some rather large 80V steppers on my lathe. Im having a hellava time finding any way to power the thing. Where do you guys normally find these huge DC power supplies?
    Er, cheaply, if possible.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Not sure if these have enough current for you, but I bought my 60v PS from these folks:Antek - Your reliable source of transformers, power supplies, and more.


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    I build my own using antek transformers. Gecko has a good white paper on unregulated power supply design, they are not hard to make.

    I used a toroidal transformer, bridge rectifier bought locally and capacitors out of an old high end audio amp.

    Built my first one by rewinding a microwave transformer years ago and it's still working great, but the toroid is definitely a better option.

    From tapatalk

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    I like automation technologies inc they have a regulated 5v supply out, and I think they have wires to add 12 or 24 to (not exactly sure if they all have that)

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    I bought a surplus 420va toroid for $10 and added extra windings to provide the voltage I need.

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