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    Dec 2010

    Can't get my lines and arcs to join.

    It seems like I have resolved this before but I can't figure it out this time. I have a lot of little line segments and arcs that I have copied, rotated and translated all in a snap grid so that there should be zero distance between their endpoints. When I select all for a closed polygon I want to join and try to join, I still have individual pieces. How can I get the segments and arcs joined? I have tried different join tolerances, reversing a part of the chape and trying again and creating offsets and open offsets of zero distance. They wouldn't join either.

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    Apr 2010
    Perhaps you could post your file. I've always managed to get things joined up, even if I have to use huge join tolerances.

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    Dec 2010
    This was because I had multiple copies of the lines and arcs hidden beneath the ones I selected. Be careful not to create hidden copies when copy/pasting.

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