Hello you all. I know your all tired of my problems. But i tried to calmly write a semi proper grammar letter to the owner and hopefully this will fix the problem. What i'm asking of you all is this a appropriate letter for the closure to my problems.

Also i'd like to thank you all for your help in this matter.

Thanks Austin M Gilson Jr.

Hello Maryann & Maurice

Here's a resolve with this issue. I was told to do this by an attorney before i follow thru with the issue.

It's obvious that the threading never worked on this issue from the start and i have all emails from the start in outlook.

I would like to buy the tool change from you because it made for the controller and machine. And the cost for me to hire a cnc tech to hook up a after market one would cost money.

My option is that you send a replacement MN400 controller and i send the one that has issues. If all works as it should in the threading part. I'll reconsider my future actions towards this company.

I'm not asking for anything that is out of question. All i want is the machine to work as it should the threading option was paid for and never worked. I will not pay anything to make it work. Let me Quote your slogan Below

What it looks to me is that you really don't care about your customers by what i have learned from other members on the PM forum and the CNC Zone.

I'll take this to court and let me tell you. That one that takes advantage of a Veteran that's on disability from an Anthrax Vaccine from when i served in the service back from 1986 -1990. The courts really don't look good upon that and i will ask for a Jury trial and will show all the emails and other messages from those members on those forums.

You see if i was a large Business I'd let this go. But i had taken a loan out on my house the to buy this CNC Lathe and i'm still making payment. I'm on disability and I'm a single father that doesn't get help from the state nor child support from my sons mother.

I had hoped that this would help me make some extra income to raise my Son.

You had gotten me in to so much problems with my customers that i wind up loosing by trying to keep my customer happy by giving them extra items for delays for free.

You see my customer service is unlike yours i try to keep them happy. I don't over charge them and i give them a quality product. Because i understand that's how i like to be treated. And it really pains me to be treated like this. I had thought that since your a United States company you would have the Values to stand behind your products.

This is going to be my last email to you so i really hope you can resolve this issue. It's simple send a new controller to me with the threading option ( and if you want also include the Turret option in the controller because I'll buy Automatic Tool Turret 6 Station later later on payments your choice @ $200 a month for 12 months)

I'll then send the MN400 controller back to you at my cost. theirs perhaps 6 hours on this unit because it has never worked correctly in the first place from when i got it.

I'm already in to close to $13,000 on this machine between the hardinge 5c speed collect and the tooling also. So its really hard for me to step away from the machine. The resolve is simple Just send the replacement controller and if all works right i'd be glad to buy the turret and perhaps the VFD.

When i had seen your CNC lathe on You-tube i was impressed because of the cost and option. However if i had read a post such as mine i would never of bought it. I'm sure it's a simple fix on your end with the encoder and the controller. That only you could of fixed but Norm never helped me then.

When i did get the machine to work on the radius's and people ask about the machine i was proud to say where i bought it and i had even added your link on my website for people that may be interested in buying one but now i have to reconsider that and closed my website.

Thousands of views are attributed to my post and perhaps your future buyers have changed their mind because of them and i'm sorry bout that because perhaps you do indeed have a good product and just because you refuse to help on this controller issue you loose sale's.

So thats why i ask you to do this for me. You had lost the sale for the controller and lead screw & motors and what not and i had to buy from CNC Masters and that cost me thousands but John Deere paid it.

But like i said i have to much invested to stop now OK And i'm sorry if i had caused you problems but if you were in my shoes you'd be upset to. Like i said hundreds of time it never worked from day one and i never got help. I had fixed some of the issues and even offered to help you in the redesigning them to prevent other customers for having the same issues.

I have no reason why you refuse to help from day one i paid for tech support but never got help so i asked for it back. I will not lay still on this issue until it is resolved. If by changing the controller it works i'll be happy to edit the post explaining that it was a email issue on the asking for help. Or if it doesn't work i'll just have to deal with it and still edit the post saying that you did help and it would be a closed Issue and that would be the end of it.

All i did was ask for help on this issue and never got it and that really pissed me off. All you had to do was reply. I'm certain that its the controller because when i emailed a video of it threading he agreed.

Also i'll call on Monday and expect to speak with Maurice or the owner or a person in charge I will also mail this letter to any and all that have interest in this company.

The simple resolve of this issue is to help Me I ask nothing more but to utilize the machine capabilities that i paid for. Hardinge or Acctuurn would never treat their customer like this. I have dealt with them when i worked for this company.

This is the easiest fix and simple You ship the new or refurbished controller that works properly and if it works I'll send the one that came with the 14/40. If it doesn't work I'll send it back and consider this a lost cause and your company did help and i'll post that you did try at least.

I'm sure it's only a issue with some of the parameters or the controller since the encoder had already been replaced. And this is easier then me sending and paying and waiting weeks for it to get fixed. It's a simple isx to a long standing problem. I would do the same for any of my customers that i had made a Jig/Fixture for I wouldn't just ignore it and hope it went away I have waited way to long as it stands now because i didn't want to deal with it but i now need it to work. You claim their is a 5 year warranty let's see how that goes. I have been asking for help for the past 4 years on and off so lets close this case.

I thank you in advance in your consideration in this Matter Austin M Gilson Jr.

I really pray this issue gets resolved and i'm able to use this machine for what its suppose to do and get out of this hole I'm in

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