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    Special Thanks to EZCAM .............

    Hi All,

    Not often these days do you get a chance to praise a vendor for their support AFTER you have purchased the product. I purchased EZ-Mill Express Mill and Lathe for my small shop. In business for 32 years and my needs changed from the CAD/CAM package I have and needed to change.
    Christopher Lalashius at EZCAM has been fantastic ! Not being the best at learning software he has really been patient and helpful. The response time to get help have been the best! Corrected my post processor within the hour after I provided the need info.
    It's nice to be able to give a " thumbs up " .:cheers:


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    Been using Ez for years and Chris is a great guy and provides excellent suppoort and has changed post processors to fit me needs without hesitation. Not to mention answering how to questions. I do not use the cad unless it is something simple. I use Ashlar products and it is vastly different and I find it cumbersome. I do some small geometry changes but . Normally just import a DXF and use the cam features which are fast and easy.

    Have great tech support from Jerry at Anilam also

    I have found that if I have a haas programming quesiton I do best calling CA rather then the local HFO.

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    Post processor editors are included with any product. They have two forms of development, the old EZ-CAM format and a Visual Basic style. The old EZ-CAM format will get the job done and is very easy to follow. For the more complex functionality the visual basic is the way to go.

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