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    CNCzone's New Look and Merger

    Very soon CNCzone.com with go through HUGE changes. We are merging with a very large European based website. With this merger CNCzone will have a new classifies section , employment, gallery and much more. First improvement will be the discussion forums, will be moving over to the new VB 5 Much cleaner and easier to use.

    We will try to make this move as easy and with-out interruptions in service. I will give more detail in the next few weeks.

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    Silly question- just read a post, a guy was looking for a member that posted years ago, but he said they delete content once it gets so old...seems like a HUGE mistake if that is the case, didn't sound right to me, so thought I'd ask...one of the car forums I'm on a lot crashed bad 5 yrs ago, lost a TON of valuable content...I know the 'size' gets crazy, but still, can't lose old stuff just because its old...heck as stuff gets older that's where most of the searches come from

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    Ah, very exciting! I hope the new system works out for you. 5 connect looks promising.

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    don't like it !
    any way to get it to look/feel how it used to ?


    EDIT :> end of day one ... it's gotten a little better

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    The ability to ignore sub forums is gone. I"ll miss that.

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    CNCZone has always opened slowly here but now it's dead slow. And I get database error messages.

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    My initial impression is that I don't like the new layout at all. Less room for posts and more room for very distracting large flashing images.

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    Yeah don't like the new look either. But I have never contributed to the site(not that I don't want to, just never the extra money) so the owners of the site are free to do as they please. I guess we will all get used to it.

    But it reminds me of when you go into your favorite grocery store and someone gets a feather up their butt and decides to re arrange the store and messes you all up on your shopping pattern!!!

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    Another example of FIXING what is not broken! Do not like at all, but as always happens---we will be forced to endure it. Kind of like what happen to the BobCad forum and now no one likes to go there. They go here now instead, but now where will they go?????

    For once------can we just change back??????

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    Lucky I'm not using IE. !!! At least with Firefox I can use adblock+ and noscript.
    Scrollable sections when not needed. Damned awful.

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    Well, another place for me to spend time and have some fun has just been ruined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txcncman View Post
    Well, another place for me to spend time and have some fun has just been ruined.
    Nil, 2. We lose. The everywhere sidebar keeps turning itself back on. I don't want it, NEVER read it. Put it at the bottom of the screen where it belongs, along with the tags.
    You can turn off the like, but not the share. This sucks the more you look at it.
    Paul!! please return this, at least to a normal world. Why are we going backwards???
    I got it. we need a hate link beside the like link. Keep bumping, txcncman.

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