Good afternoon,

I am looking for some help regarding Fanuc FOCAS. We want to monitor some of our machines to get information. This all started wanting to export the number of parts run each day to an excel sheet, so that we can track the part counts. We have two Doosan machines with Fanuc controls, that supposedly both support FOCAS. I also have two Haas Mills and a Brother machine.

I have seen a bunch of third party web based softwares that can track certain things out of the machine. I am sure the software just monitors certain variables. Does anyone have a suggestion on a simple way to dump this into an excel sheet or a basic intranet?

Is FOCAS worht it, or can you get this information out via the embedded ethernet on the Fanuc controls? How do you get the info out on the Haas controls? I am trying to not have to monitor everything with external PLC's.

Any help would be appreciated.