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    Question Grizzly or Precision Matthews?

    Ok, after researching bench top mills I've norrowed my choices down to the grizzly G0704 or the Precision Mattews PM-25MV. They are both basically the same money and appear to be basically the same mill. I've never got to use either one of the machines or even seen them in person. With that said, I'm looking for some input on which mill I should go with based on the features, ease of use & replacement parts each mill has vs. the other (I do plan to do a CNC conversion on the mill later).
    Also in the future I want to get a bigger lathe (11x27 range) and I would like my equipment to be the same brand.

    Please any input would be greatly appreciated!


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    Give precision mathews a call, they are supposed to be getting/may have already a new supplier (weiss) for the pm25 that's supposed to be more like the g0704 but with a nicer motor.
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