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    New materials coming my way...(MP35, Ti, PEEK) looking for Advice and Resources?

    Hey all,
    In 3 weeks Im going to start machining a lot of tough materials I have little or no experience with. These include things like Titanium, PEEK, Nickel alloys (Nitanol, MP35, and others).

    With that list in mind, do you guys know of some good websites, resources, threads, or links that can guide me as I tackle these new materials? I will have a good knowledge base to draw on at my work, but I would like to look like I kind of know what Im doing. Or feel free to share you experience with them. If you know of a particular insert that works well, tips for avoiding chip build up, how many flutes on an end mill work well, mistakes that you made in learning these materials...anything that works or mistakes you've made would be helpful.

    I have an idea of what Im getting into...hard materials, slow speeds, chip nests, burrs... but you never know what will actually happen until you do it. Can you save me any face palm moments?

    Thanks for any insight!
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    The PEEK is really no problem, a little abrasive, but if you use good sharp carbide tooling and them monitor the tool wear its no big deal. The titanium is a little bit tougher, don't use anything with a Ti coating, there are some other coated grades that you can use, ask your tooling supplier. The main thing about Ti and tooling is that it is very predictable. If the tool wears out in 500 pieces, it will ALWAYS wear out in 500 pieces. Again, use nice sharp tooling. We run Inconol and A-286 quite a bit, but have never run MP35 or Nitanol, so I am no help there.

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    Your tools suppliers should be able to give you numbers for all of this (as starting points). The guy on the shop floor will always have to make adjustments for rigidity of set up, horsepower available, actual part features being machined, coolant delivery, etc.

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