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    Miyano TSV-35 Spindle Bearing Lubrication


    I've been working on a used TSV-35 tapping center that I recently purchased. I have most things pretty well dialed in, but one last thing that has me a bit puzzled is how the spindle bearings are supposed to be lubricated. I had to pull the spindle and ship it out to have the taper chromed and ground. During that process, I got a good look at the top end of the spindle and the bearings don't have seals installed. This leads me to believe that they should be receiving oil lubrication somehow, but I don't see any ihint of where an oil cup is/was located, there isn't an inline oiler for oil mist, and there is no mention of anything in the manual.

    If someone else on the forums has one of these in operation, could you share how the spindle bearings are lubricated? It's a 6000 RPM max spindle, so it's possible that the bearings were supposed to be packed and sealed and that someone pulled the seal along the way, but I'd like to know for sure.


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    Re: Miyano TSV-35 Spindle Bearing Lubrication

    Hi my name is AL I picked up a tsv-35 that needed some help . I have spent the last two months trying to get it up and running. I had to replace the power supply and crt wit a lcd . I’m still having issues with the atc . The only manual I got with the machine was the parameters and most of it is in Japanese. Would you happen to have the program manual and any information on properly setting up the proximity switches for the tool changer? I’m not having much luck locating manuals . Also do you have any suggestions on post processors ? Any help would be much appreciated . Ps I tried to message you but it said your inbox is full

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