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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Feb 2013

    Kitty MC2 Yasnac I80M head scratcher!

    We just bought/installed this machine on Thursday. It's my first Kitamura and my first Yasnac control.

    I love the machine, but the controller is proving a bit more challenging.

    So far, I've been able to "bully" my way through getting offsets arranged and what not. What I'm really struggling with is the LACK of a tool offset page that openly displays the diameter callout!

    All I can see is the tool height.

    I've been on the phone with Kitamura, Yaskawa, I have the manuals that came with the machine and the dowloaded PDF's from the site.

    Can anyone explain to me how to turn on/setup the screen so that BOTH Tool Height (G43 stuff) and Tool Diameter (G41/G42 stuff) can be seen on a single screen as illustrated on page 458 of Yaskawa manual TOE-C843-11.30F

    Any help would be appreciated very much.


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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Feb 2013
    Found it. It was a simple parameter change to separate H and D. Only took me till 2am to find it.

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    Re: Kitty MC2 Yasnac I80M head scratcher!

    I have the same issue, would be nice if you would post the parameter you changed.

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    Re: Kitty MC2 Yasnac I80M head scratcher!

    Well I finally figured it out, no thanks to Longriflesinc. Called Yaskawa about some other questions and the tech had no idea about separating the H and D offsets, said I should contact Kitamura. I found it in the J300 user manual, thank you Yaskawa for having all of your manuals online!!!!!! It is pm4029 bit 0. Set to 1 separates H and D, set to 0 and they are the same input field. Fells like I just got a new machine.

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