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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Hobbycnc (Products) > Y and Z limit switches inputs not working
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    Y and Z limit switches inputs not working

    Hello everyone,

    I've been using a Hobbycnc EZ board with no problems for quite sometime. It's very easy to setup and works really well.
    A couple of days ago I started having problems with the home/limit switches inputs, specifically Y & Z. The inputs don't pick up the signal when a limit switch circuit opens (I've set all the home switches NC), X switch and emergency stop work fine

    I've searched this forum and I wasn't able to find any threads, and for some reason I cannot access the Hobbycnc Yahoo group, it's virtually impossible, better guarded than the DOD website.

    I really appreciate anyone's help.


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    Re: Y and Z limit switches inputs not working

    Sorry I can't help, just finishing my HobbyCNC board up now.

    How do you hook up limit switches to the hobbycnc board? I'm not seeing an obvious on-the-PCB solution, but understand it's capable.

    Where do you wire them into? Straight into several of the pins on the serial port?

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