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    How Old is this Bridgeport

    I am looking at purchasing a bridgeport and am anxious to know how old it is. I have looked at serial number listings online, but this one is only 5 digits. The number reads 12/BR 99435. The mill looks pretty new which makes no sense to me since I know bridgeports have 6 digit serial numbers and this one has 5 digits. I tried to post 2 pictures, but I must must be doing something completely wrong because I can't upload them. If someone wants to see a picture, I can enail it to them. I have never posted before and would appreciate any help in determining the vintage of this mill. Thanks.

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    That would of been made in 1967, 46 years ago, unless it has been rebuilt, it would most likely not be in very good shape, don't go by what the paint looks like, you need to see the knee to see how the ways on that look, if the knee is worn, which they all do, then the rest of the machine will be in the same condition, But just sometimes there is a gem out there that has been taken care of very well

    Does it have way covers this help to keep the ways in good shape

    Try to post the photos

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    Is the vernier on the ram stamped or does it have an aluminum vernier attached with drive screws?


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